I recently wanted to explore the notion of deforming mirror using software.
We all know Apple’s famous Photobooth app and its different effects. But here I wanted to work on a modification which is a fragmentation rather than a distortion.

Thing is, I wanted it to be real-time so I started creating an application with openFrameworks, and made a video of the result:

Music: Nicolas Jaar - Wouh

- Sorry about the poor framerate, the app isn’t laggy at all (60fps) but it’s due to screencasting at such a high resolution -

After playing with this app, I thought about how to turn it into an installation that people could experiment without any mouse, in a more immersive way.

I finally came up with the idea to use the person’s distance as an input:

I like the idea of losing precision when we are precisely looking for it.
The closer you come, the less you’ll be able to get the big picture. But it may show you some details you would never have seen otherwise.

Technically, even if I don’t know yet how to measure this distance, I think the keep-it-simple way (but definitely not the most accurate) may be to use openCV to get the user’s head size. Or using Kinect, or infrared sensors perhaps.

Anyway, by now it’s just a piece of software and I hope it’ll become, one day, a “real” installation :)

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bikePlayer v0.1 is a quick project I made to turn my bike into a music player.
The pitch of the playback depends on the speed I’m riding, thanks to the iPhone tied on the front wheel.

I found it quite interesting to put this little piece of technology in danger.
These devices are so close to us now that it could be seen as extension of our bodies. If they are almost humans, why wouldn’t they do stupid things too?

This project is currently in progress. The next step will be to design and print an iPhone which will be attachable to the bicycle spokes.
That would be an opportunity to use the 3D printer available at my local FabLab.

I also would like to play with visuals displaying on the iPhone depending on the wheel’s rotation speed. I think it could be interesting when riding at night.

Music: Ping Island / Lightning Strike Rescue Op, by Mark Mothersbaugh.

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JE ME SOUVIENDRAI est un prototype d’installation interactive inspirée par le soulèvement populaire québécois.
Depuis le 19 mai 2012, au lendemain du vote de la Loi 78, un nombre croissant de manifestants expriment leur mécontentement contre le gouvernement Charest en frappant sur des casseroles dans la rue, à 20h tous les soirs. 

JE ME SOUVIENDRAI propose à l’utilisateur de continuer à faire du bruit dans le but d’effectuer un voyage dans les manifestations passées. 
En plus d’être bruyants, les manifestants ont pris des centaines de photos lors de ces défilés protestataires. Certains, équipés de smartphones, les ont postées sur le réseau social Instagram, avec le hastag #ggi (Gréve Générale Illimitée). 

JE ME SOUVIENDRAI collecte ces images et permet à chacun de les revoir tout en revivant les émotions sonores de la rue. 

Le principe est simple : en utilisant la technologie de pointe de la casserole, combinée à celle d’une cuillère en bois, tapez selon le rythme qui vous convient. A chaque coup, les images défilant à toute allure se figent et permettent d’admirer les photos produites.

Les outils numériques disponibles aujourd'hui nous permettent d'archiver notre vie et notre Histoire. Mais quelle est la valeur de la quantité d'images que nous produisons jour après jour si elles disparaissent de notre vue ?

S’inscrivant dans une culture de l’immédiateté, JE ME SOUVIENDRAI propose de valoriser ces images en leur offrant la chance d'être revues.

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JE ME SOUVIENDRAI (I’LL REMEMBER) is an interactive installation prototype inspired by Quebec protests.
Since 19 may 2012, one day after Bill 78 passed, a growing number of protesters express their annoyance against Charest government by hitting on saucepans in the streets, each day from 8pm.

JE ME SOUVIENDRAI offers the user to continue making noise in order to travel inside these historical protests.
In addition to the noise they made, protesters took hundreds of pictures during these marchs. Some of them, armed with smartphones, posted these pictures on the social network Instagram with the #ggi hashtag (Grève Générale Illimitée = Illimited General Strike).

JE ME SOUVIENDRAI collects these images and allow the user to watch it again while remembering the loud emotions from the street.

The principle is quite simple: using the advanced technology of the saucepan, combined to a wooden spoon, hit the rhythm you want. For each knock, the flashing pictures stop, allowing you to admire the produced photographies.

Digital gizmos allow us to archive our life and our History.
But if they disappear from our view, what’s the value of the constantly growing number of images we produce every day?

We now live surrounded immediate information, JE ME SOUVIENDRAI gives value to these images by offering a chance to be seen again.

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I worked as a Flash animator on this interactive installation for Nescafé.

Client: Milk.
Made in collaboration with: Tobias Muthesius & Kikko

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Recently designed a blog for Cécile Chandran, a young journalist/copywriter.

Check out her articles! (french only): 

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Erik Truffaz

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