Déambulations géométriques

> photography, performance

Systematic photo walk in a city.
I define the path by overlaying a geometrical shape and the map of a city, this gaves me different points.
I then define a duration of walk between each point.

Finally, I go and take pictures on the specified spots, at the specified times.

With this process, I try to obtain is the more precise portrait of the city.




My 1st "Déambulation géométrique" happened in Paris on 23rd of march 2011, between 6:30 AM and 6:30 PM.
It was made of 12 points selected on a circle whose radius was defined by the distance between my home and the center of the city.
I then walked 1 hour between each point, so I described a 12-hours long circle in Paris trying to portrait it in a systematic way.

Yes, that's a bit obsessive.