hip-hop dance show

> graphic design, animation

Kaiju is a contemporary hip-hop dance show, by Shonen, a french dance company.
The show mixes dance, real-time analyis and visual projections.




The piece is about our relation to the always-connected society we live in. It's about our relation to the images surrounding us, and the representations we assimilate which participate to build each one of us.

By evolving on the stage, the dancer reveals his popular icons, his fears and his forces. His inside spreads on the floor, is analyzed, comes back inside him.

I worked on this project as a graphic/motion designer. In collaboration with Shonen's choregrapher Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, I designed and animate some of the visual content projected on stage.

I also acted as an on-stage photographer, taking pictures behind the scenes, and trying to reveal the great human experience it was.

That was my first experience in the world of live performance, and that was a hell of a good one!