interactive installation (case study)

> concept, interactive design

ONOFF is interactive installation I designed to answer a call for submission launched by Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles.
The contest, entitled "Luminothérapie", asked designers to come with a proposition of something that would give life to the "Place des Festivals" during winter months and would include light as a key component.

I came up with the idea of deploying a giant structure made of electroluminescent lines accross the space, which will invite passers-by to play with it.



The idea behind the interaction principle of this installation was to create a link between people passing by this place during the winter.

4 control panels are located at different places on this square.
Each one has 4 light-emitting buttons that can be pressed by users. When a button is pressed, it sends a light signal to another control panel by lighting some "pipes" on its way.
When the signal reaches the other control panel, the person who stands here has a few seconds to push the corresponding button.
Doing that he sends the signal back to its sender, faster.


On the "Esplanade de la Place des Arts", I suggested to have the same type of interaction in a smaller space, shaped as an igloo. 
Here, the light "pipes" are replaced by structure's edges, making it more suitable for children and small groups.