tangible music paper

> design, animation

Stop-iT is a musical and visual sequencer base on Post-it notes.
By sticking Post-it notes on a gridded surface, people are invited to compose a melody.

Each color of a Post-it is associated to an instrument, and an animation.
Its vertical position on the surface defines the note.
The composition is played live and animations are projected.



Stop-iT offers a playful way to use an office furniture.

This installation has quite a long history:
It was originally created in 2008, at school, for the open day of french school Gobelins.
Back in these days, we decide to create an installation for visitors who come to get information about the school.

Post-it note become quickly a distinctive sign: it represents the design process of each interactive project. It's tiny, but can contain big ideas. It can be thrown away, but its color encourages to manipulate it.
So we invited visitors to stick these notes on 2 side-by-side paperboards, on which we drawn a grid. Stop-iT v1 was born!

This version was followed by many others, with different shapes.
Stop-iT has also evolved technically, to become a more live-oriented installation. Today, it acts as a MIDI device and can be used as an instrument.